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French SaaS Startup Triples User Base with VirtVPS

April 23, 2024

French SaaS Startup Triples User Base with VirtVPS

Lumière, an innovative SaaS platform for photography enthusiasts, faced challenges with slow performance and downtime as they rapidly gained traction. Migrating to VirtVPS France Cloud VPS gave them the high-powered infrastructure they needed to scale seamlessly.

With our enterprise-grade hardware and 99.9% uptime guarantee, Lumière was able to deliver a consistently fast, reliable experience to their growing user base. The ability to easily adjust resources on the fly allowed them to handle traffic spikes without breaking a sweat.

Since switching to VirtVPS, Lumière has tripled its paying customer base and reduced churn by 25%. Our expert support team worked closely with their developers to optimize their setup and ensure a smooth migration with zero downtime.

"VirtVPS has been instrumental in helping us scale our platform to keep up with explosive demand. Their infrastructure and support have been top-notch, allowing us to focus on building out new features for our passionate user community." - Sophie Dubois, CTO of Lumière

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