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Germany NVMe VPS

German Precision VPS: High-Speed, Secure Hosting in Europe

Empower Your European Reach: Reliable and Scalable VPS Solutions from Germany

Germany SSD NVMe VPS Hosting: Unleashing Exceptional Performance and Speed

Discover High-Speed VPS Hosting with VirtVPS in Germany

Welcome to VirtVPS, where we offer cutting-edge SSD NVMe VPS hosting in Germany. Our hosting solutions are designed for businesses and individuals seeking top-tier performance, speed, and reliability.

Why Choose VirtVPS for Germany SSD NVMe VPS Hosting?

  • Ultra-Fast Performance: Leverage the speed and efficiency of SSD NVMe technology, ensuring your websites and applications run at lightning-fast speeds.
  • Unmetered Traffic: Enjoy the freedom of unmetered traffic, ideal for high-bandwidth applications and growing businesses.
  • Strategic Location: Our Germany-based servers provide excellent connectivity and stability, perfect for reaching European audiences.
  • Scalable Solutions: From small projects to large-scale operations, our VPS hosting plans are flexible and scalable to meet your specific requirements.
  • Reliable Infrastructure: Benefit from our robust and secure infrastructure, ensuring your online presence is always up and running.

Tailored VPS Hosting for Diverse Needs

At VirtVPS, we understand the unique hosting needs of different businesses. Whether you require a simple setup or a complex configuration, our team is dedicated to providing a personalized hosting solution that fits your needs.

Get Started with VirtVPS’s Germany SSD NVMe VPS Hosting

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust VirtVPS for their Germany SSD NVMe VPS hosting needs. Sign up now and elevate your hosting experience with our high-performance servers in Germany.



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CPU Xeon 1 vCore
Ram 1024 DDR4
DISK space 25 GB NVME
Port 1Gbit
CPU: Xeon 1 vCore
Ram: 1024 DDR4
DISK space: 25 GB NVME
Bandwidth: UNMETERED
Port: 1Gbit
Location: Germany
CPU: Xeon 2 vCore
Ram: 2048 DDR4
DISK space: 40 GB NVME
Bandwidth: UNMETERED
Port: 1Gbit
Location: Germany
CPU: Xeon 1 vCore
Ram: 3072 DDR4
DISK space: 60 GB NVME
Bandwidth: UNMETERED
Port: 1Gbit
Location: Germany
CPU: Xeon 4 vCore
Ram: 4096 DDR4
DISK space: 80 GB NVME
Bandwidth: UNMETERED
Port: 1Gbit
Location: Germany
CPU: Xeon 5 vCore
Ram: 6144 DDR4
DISK space: 100 GB NVME
Bandwidth: UNMETERED
Port: 1Gbit
Location: Germany
CPU: Xeon 6 vCore
Ram: 8192 DDR4
DISK space: 120 GB NVME
Bandwidth: UNMETERED
Port: 1Gbit
Location: Germany
Maybe it's your question too common questions
Can I host multiple websites on my VPS?
Answer: Yes, you can host multiple websites on both Windows and Linux VPS servers. There are no restrictions on the number of websites you can host, as long as you stay within the resource limits of your VPS plan. This makes VPS hosting a flexible solution for web developers and businesses with multiple online properties.
Answer: Absolutely! Both Windows and Linux VPS hosting allow you to install custom software. You'll have full administrative (Windows) or root (Linux) access, giving you the freedom to install and configure the software you need, as long as it is compatible with your operating system and adheres to all licensing and security guidelines.
Answer: For Windows VPS, you can access and manage your server using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), while for a Linux VPS, access is typically through Secure Shell (SSH). Upon setting up your VPS, you'll receive all the necessary credentials, which will enable you to manage your server remotely.
Answer: Our VPS servers are protected with advanced firewalls and undergo regular security updates. We implement strict access controls and continuously monitor our network for any unusual activities to prevent unauthorized access. We also encourage our clients to adopt strong security practices, like using robust passwords and regularly updating their systems.
Answer: Windows VPS hosting utilizes the Windows operating system, known for its user-friendly interface and compatibility with popular Windows-based applications. On the other hand, Linux VPS hosting operates on various Linux distributions, offering an open-source environment favored for its stability, security, and customization options. The choice between Windows and Linux largely depends on your specific application requirements and familiarity with each operating system.