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Case Study: Korean Gaming Company Levels Up with VirtVPS

April 23, 2024

GameHub, a leading game development company based in Seoul, was experiencing latency issues and server downtime, which affected their user experience and retention. They needed a robust solution that could handle heavy traffic loads and complex data transactions without compromising performance.

Switching to VirtVPS's Korea Cloud VPS hosting provided GameHub with the high-performance computing environment necessary for their demanding applications. The reliable infrastructure and ability to scale resources instantly allowed them to manage sudden spikes in traffic during new game releases and major updates.

Since migrating to VirtVPS, GameHub has seen a significant improvement in load times and overall game performance, leading to a 40% increase in player engagement and a 25% increase in subscription revenue. The partnership with VirtVPS enabled them to focus more on creating exceptional gaming experiences without worrying about backend stability.

"VirtVPS has been instrumental in our growth and success in the competitive gaming market," says Min-jun Kim, CEO of GameHub. "Their reliable hosting solutions and proactive support have allowed us to deliver seamless gaming experiences that keep players coming back."