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Turkey VPS

September 19, 2021
Turkey is our choice for housing servers and providing services from their network. The datacenter is well equipped with backup power generators and fiber optic network lines for delivering the most premium service in Turkey. We provide enterprise-grade resources and customer support services with our Turkey VPS Server  

 SSD  TURKEY Windows/Linux VPS

PROCESSOR  CPU Cores RAM  Disk Space Bandwidth Location Price  Order Now
XEON-E5-2650 v2 1v Core 1024 MB 25 GB SSD 1TB Traffic $10 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E5-2650 v2 2v Core 2048 MB 40 GB SSD 4TB Traffic $21 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E5-2650 v2 3v Core 3072 MB 60 GB SSD 6TB Traffic $25 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E5-2650 v2 4v Core 4096 MB 80 GB SSD 8TB Traffic $33 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E5-2650 v2 6v Core 6144 MB 100 GB SSD 12TB Traffic $45 /month BUY NOW
XEON-E5-2650 v2 8v Core 8192 MB 120 GB SSD 16TB Traffic $57 /month BUY NOW